Industrial Applications

Omne Possibile is pursuing the development of two lines of products, the first aimed at improving data storage
and the second at therapeutic messengers.

Storage XNA (sXNA)

Genetic polymers are ideal candidates for data management (read/write/store) in the coming years as current data center-based approaches will not be sustainable beyond 2040 in terms of energy consumption, space requirement, cost and will not be able to accommodate the exponential growth of data production. Recent advances in DNA technologies have led to the notion that this type of medium could replace current storage technologies based on electronics. XNAs offer multiple capabilities to overcome the limitations of DNA technologies and thus quickly enable the implementation of new standards.

Messenger XNA (mXNA)

Messenger ribonucleic acids are the backbone of modern vaccine technologies against threats from viral infections to cancer. They also play key roles in state-of-the art strategies to fight genetic diseases and can be used to contain agricultural pests in a highly targeted manner. However, the current make-up of messenger nucleic acids is limited in chemical functionality and biological stability. mXNAs aim to change the core of modern nucleic acid-based treatment strategies and to endow them with unparalleled opportunities.

Omne Possibile promotes a model of alliance and co-development with industrial companies wishing to explore and exploit the wide variety of possible applications to push back the frontiers of traditional bioproductions based on DNA-related technologies.