Leuven, Belgium, and Basel, Switzerland – 18 May 2021: Omne Possibile (“the Company”), a global synthetic biology company pioneering the XNA revolution, announced today the entry of eureKARE SA into its capital.

eureKARE SA is a recently founded company focused on financing and building next generation biotechnology companies in the disruptive fields of the microbiome and synthetic biology. eureKARE is guided by influential founder, Alexandre Mouradian, along with a pan-European team led by renowned biotech expert Rodolphe Besserve.

Omne Possibile combines the key disciplines of XNA development, including chemical synthesis, genetics, directed evolution of enzymes and genomes, automated design of molecules, and bioproduction pathways. It has established an R&D innovation centre in Leuven, Belgium, to focus on XNA chemistry, and a second R&D hub in Basel, Switzerland, dedicated to XNA genetics. It intends to grow rapidly through a combination of in-house development and industrial collaborations.

Patrice Garnier, President and Chief Executive Officer of Omne Possibile, said: “This investment will not only help us develop our XNA related technologies, but also launch the development of XNA polymers for information storage and XNA building blocks for improved messenger therapeutics.”

Rodolphe Besserve, Chief Executive Officer of eureKARE, added: “Omne Possibile is an exciting new venture in synthetic biology, which has the potential to radically disrupt many fields, including those of data storage and messenger RNA therapeutics. We are strongly convinced that it will be part of tomorrow’s global biotech leaders due to its proprietary technologies and team intelligence.”